"We are Confronted with insurmountable opportunities."

As India's integration with the global economy gathers momentum, threats and opportunities in the corporate arena are unfolding at a blistering pace. Just as foreign investors eye India as a market that can no longer be ignored, Indian entrepreneurs too are getting a glimpse of the tantalizing opportunities that await them in global market.

It is this vision that drives Sapphire Consulting Group (SCG) a leading strategic advisory and management consulting firm that has acquired a gold plated reputation over the last few years with a few satisfied clientele base that bear testimony to the depth and strength of the strategic skills of SCG.

SCG specializes in helping promising mid-sized enterprises scale up their operations, carve a solid, enduring and profitable niche for themselves in fiercely competitive markets and evolve as global players. One of the key strengths of SCG is to sift through the huge array of information thrown up on a daily basis by global markets and successfully identify the trends that will drive the future. Strategically leveraging its ability to study and analyze the macro business environment, policy measures, global economies and market trends, SCG has been consistently successful in identifying emerging industries and sectors. Armed with this information and analysis, SCG partners mid-sized companies with innovative business models who have the potential to grow to the next level and nurture them in their growth journey.

Over the years, deep industry insight, multidisciplinary domain knowledge, business process expertise and uniquely innovative ideas have helped SCG collaborate with clients, define strategic priorities, allocate resources, work hands-on with the top management to develop strategies and solutions to counter the most complex issues faced by them, engage in their growthrelated problems with concrete solutions and provide them the much needed tactical direction. Today, Sapphire Consulting Group can showcase a legacy of strong vertical knowledge and proven track record across the sector including Textile, IT, Telecom Logistic, Power, Aviation, Realty, Communication and Agriculture, Infrastructure, Entertainment etc.

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