Managing Risk

Demystifying Uncertainties

When one ceases from conflict, whether because he has won, because he has lost, or because he cares no more for the game, the virtue passes out of him.

In fiercely competitive global markets where tariff walls are breaking down and investors are becoming more demanding, companies are under increasing pressure to produce ever-improving results even as they manage a vast and bewildering range of risks that could threaten the very survival of these companies.

SCG also brings in its technical, management, intellectual and process skills in this area to help clients by adopting a pro-active three pronged risk strategy. The first step helps companies measure, manage and control risk effectively by minimizing the negative effect of the risk. The second step helps companies accept some consequences of risk in a pragmatic manner while constantly realigning existing infrastructure and resources to reflect constantly changing business requirements. The third step involves the setting up of a pre-emptive risk management system with the right checks and balances.