The Rainmakers: Our People

"Everyone is kneaded out of the same dough but not baked in the same oven."

SCG has a committed team of highly competent and eminent professionals, comprising a mix of functional and sector specialists, economists, business analysts, equity research analysts, financial analysts, statisticians, survey research professionals, database specialists and lawyers.

The uniqueness of SCG is complemented by its team of highly skilled and experienced workforce equipped enough to tackle all types of situations. There are professionals who have excelled in the domains where SCG focuses. What makes SCG all the more special is the senior leadership which has the vast experience to handle various complex vulnerable situations which the corporate world is always exposed to. A longstanding experience in the industry has given the team of SCG a global perspective, multi- disciplinary domain understanding, along with strong vertical knowledge and business process expertise. This, coupled with their ability to embark on rigorous competitor mapping, helps to understand the specific requirements of each clients. This shares a clear and rational perspective and provides a strategic direction to the portfolio companies. In turn it also helps the companies to develop and assess strategies and evolve solutions that can counter the most complex issues faced by them and, thereby, sustain themselves in the toughest of business environments.