Mobilisation Of Resource

Gathering The Greenbacks

"Money is the barometer of a society's virtue."

SCG believes that external capital is axiomatic and imperative for companies to significantly expand their businesses, deliver results, meet aggressive growth targets and attain and retain market leadership. In this respect, SCG leverages its in-depth knowledge of the clients' business, their growth prospects and understanding of the private equity industry to render advisory services on the most effective capitalization strategy which meet the clients' strategic objectives. This entails assisting clients in identifying and evaluating strategic alternatives available for raising resources and the potential sources for the same.

SCG is actively involved not only in helping clients refine business plans and identify potential opportunities, but also in developing channel partners, analyzing various offers from co-investors, creating investment options for clients, short listing potential investors, optimizing valuations, participating in negotiations, closing the most effective deal and creating co-investors.